Friday, 2 September 2011

Durdle Door

Hi everyone,

After Grandma’s party everyone was really tired and feeling a bit low, so to make the most of the ‘summer’ weather myself and a few family members decided to go to the beach. But not the usual Brighton, South End etc. Because we all seen it before and to be fair most of my memories the water was brown, there were hard pebbles and it was freaking cold. Although I’m sure they’ve probably given it a nice clean by now but still…so we went to Durdle Door.

Isn't it great, I like this picture because its looks fake :) - its not!

Believe it or not this is the UK O_O

It’s not like a resort or anything so it was quiet and peaceful, there wasn’t shops and attractions it’s just a stunning piece of coast to mediate and relax. The water was beautiful and it was surprisingly warm the younger children puddle and myself and a few of the elder lot decided to tackle the cliff. Once we got up to the top…wow! I know this sounds cheesy but you just feel at peace with the world and really appreciate your life.

I would definitely go back, its took us a while to get there but it is SO worth it. As summer is nearly over I’ll try to find a beach closer to London that is a bit closer so more people can come.

Any recommendations?

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