Thursday, 3 September 2015

Short Hairstyle for Women

Hi everyone,

We all love fabulous intricate styles and it is my hope to one day master it for myself. But unfortunately I am not there yet, that aside I wanted to share a style I was sporting this summer. (I know I'm a little late but bear with me)
I got this done at Premiere Dreadz which is one of my favourite places to go regarding my hair, I completely trust them, the staff are very professional plus the banter is really good :)

This styles can be for Starter Locs, Short/Medium Locs, and Twists. The style is essentially twisted to the sides, into mohawk down the middle and side fringe. What I like about this style its low maintenance, which is perfect because I am bit  lazy. I really like that most of the hair is twisted in, so my locs do not get frizzy and messy as quick and stand a better chance of holding the retwist of the roots.
To honest I thought my hair was too short for styles like this so I was delighted that this was possible. I think the fringe at the side added  a bit of femininity to style without it, this style could easy work men.
I absolutely love that its neat and edgy at the same time, so can be professional at work and be fun and funky on the weekend.  

If you have any styles or tips to share let me know :-)

Take care x

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