Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Travel Diary - Turkey

Hey everyone,

About 2 weeks I decided to get away and have a short break. My criteria was minimal; simply cheap, varied and warm-ish. Don't get me wrong I would love those 30c temperature but its March and to find that I would have to spend a little bit more then I was willing too. So I decided to go to Turkey! 

This country has everything from high mountains you can ski (yep I said ski, I didn't believe it either but its true), to thousands of kilometres long beaches you can enjoy. Not to mention the rich culture and historic gems dotted around the country. The area I stayed in was Antalya.

Money Matters: Turkey is not a part of the EU any more, however there is a heavy preference to pay for things in Euros as its stronger. However I found bartering prices with locals easier with Turkish Lira. There are plenty of bargains to be had there so best t keep your eyes peeled.

 Accommodation: I really didn't know what to exact in terms of accommodation, I've seen so many horror stories from people online, all I could do was cross my fingers and hope for the best. I stayed at the Paloma Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA. 
The hotel was lovely I would definitely recommend it. The staff where very helpful and friendly and what I really like was that remembered my name. I know it's only a small thing but it really is the small things that raises the bar. The food was great with a healthy selection of everything, even the most fussy eaters would be happy. Its completely up to you how you spend your time, whether it be at the bar, messing around in the multi-media room or chilling on the private beach. As it was off peak season there were some sections of the hotel that were closed, even still it was a fabulous place to stay. 
The room was so spacious and the bed lovely a large
For some reason the bedroom area didn't have a door, so if you having a bath use plenty of bubbles hehe :-) (Behind the bath tub was the shower).
The pools were relaxing and quiet, with plenty of chairs and loungers to chill on. 
I also discovered they had a animal pen full of bunnies and ducks, which was so cute. Until one of the baby bunnies slipped through the fence! So operation 'catch and rescue bunny' was on. 'Baby Bun-bun' was perfectly safe and returned home. They are so cute though 
You know the saying 'when in Rome (or Turkey in this case), do as the Romans do', so i absolutely had to have a Turkish bath. I didn't want to go to the one in the hotel, I wanted one that the locals would use. A authentic Turkish Bath... not sure if I hit the nail on the head here but I went to the Golden Rose - Turkish Bath and Spa Center.
This is actually a picture of the bath the hotel, I couldn't take pictures in the Golden Rose

Good first impression and welcomed pleasantly by staff. After a quick change its off to the sauna choice of wet or dry. Then the actual Turkish bath which is a huge wet room. First is splash of water. Once wet, a scrub down with an exfoliating glove all over your body (back and front) along with some cheeky slaps to you backside but not sure if that's custom. (P.S if your shy with guys rubbing you up, undoing and pulling down your bikini - prepare yourself!) Then a foam message. This feels so nice and silky again this is all over. Raise off and your cleansing is done.
Now time for some tea and face mask. Then it's time for a message. I don't get massages often but this was definitely the hardest one I've had and it was so good! I literally felt like a lump of dough - love it!

I would rate first experience of a Turkish Bath 7/10

This post is getting a little bit long so I'm going to take a break and continue in another post. But I really hope reading about my Turkish experience so far. 

 Be sure to come back in a few days for more about my trip, hair updates, tips and reviews!

Hope your having a great day, take care x

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