Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Turkish Vibes for a Black Girl

Hey everyone,

I know I've spoken quite a lot about Turkey but I feel I need to say this too, because its playing on my mind.

General Vibes:
March is not peak season so the hotel and 'excursion type' things were relatively quiet, which was cool as I really needed the head space. Everyone who I came across was so polite and helpful, there wasn't any problem with language at all. From what I noticed the majority of the tourist were English and or German, which would be perfect expect I know any Dutch whatsoever. Not that it mattered, everyone was very inclusive so you feel really looked after.

There are a few things you should look out for; the hard sale. As a tourist in any county I guess this is to be expected. But occasionally I felt it was a bit full on, so best to have your wits about you. Being black, every now and then especially in the Town centre locals would just stare or ask to take a picture with you. They seem to be genuinely surprise that you (a black person) are there and address you as 'Chocolate'. Even walking along the street people who beep their horn to get your attention. I love flattery as much as the next girl, but this much more then that.

London is quite 'multicultural' so I have never really had this before, or knew what to feel about it. The comments and looks were not done in a malicious way (most of the time it was polite), so I'm not offended as such... just... puzzled, I guess. There was not any other black people that I noticed so perhaps there isn't much exposure to black people and their culture in those parts, as to why the people reacted like that? I am by no means labelling Turkey as racist, as I did have good time and I would absolutely go back.

 I'd be interested to know, has anyone else had a similar experience or opinion on the matter?

Until next time x

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