Thursday, 3 March 2011

Young Killings

Youth crime/ gang crime we hear a lot about it these days, in the papers and TV. It’s sad, because it’s happening so often now people are being desensitized about this twisted reality. Young killings no longer shock us, it’s not even headline news anymore – just a insert in the middle or near the back of the paper. It’s almost like we should expect it, because its ‘normal’.

It’s easy to slip into that way thinking and I guess we all have in some form or another, including myself. But things aren’t always what they seem (especially if there in the paper), and it’s not about gang crime or postcode lottery. Sometimes it truly is bright, talented young person with big dreams, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It really upsets me, they’re so young and I just don’t understand how things have got like this.

There was a program on BBC Three last night, which I believe was aired first on BBC Four in January called ‘Scenes from a Teenage Killing’. This program touch my heart. It’s the first program I’ve seen to explore the impact teenage killings have on families and communities across the UK. I don’t know any of the families or victims featured nor do I know anyone connected to any other youth accident since. But living in London I see flowers and tributes all the time, and I never really understood what happens after for the family and friends, the community they live in – it opened my eyes. The sadness and anger felt by those left behind I couldn’t possibly imagine. I pray this will end I really do, and also for the family and friends for those who have passed.

I’ve attached the link below, please if haven’t seen it please watch. Or if not when you see a story of a young person stabbed or shot etc please don’t label them with the stains that the media have created, just be aware and where you can show your support. And WE CAN put a stop to this once and for all cause its not right.

For anyone who does know somebody who has passed, I really don’t mean any disrespect I just want it stop.

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