Monday, 1 August 2011

Punting Yeah?

Hey Guys,

Hope you all are well. Sorry I haven’t been posting as often, things have got so busy recently, not that I’m complaining it’s all a good thing really. I’ve been trying my best to spend as much time (even if it’s only an hour)  with friends and family, whilst trying to ‘refresh’ myself…Whoa just realized how dodgy that sounds lol what I mean is I’ve been working on making the most out of myself and thinking about what I want in life. I’ll let you know what progress I make, when I get there :)

Right so this weekend me and my housemates from uni decided to have a little reunion in Cambridge, I was so excited to see them. Because we all live quite far apart and have quite busy lives its quite difficult to spend time together and Cambridge was nice middle ground.
My Essex Road Girlies :)
Cambridge itself was beautiful it reminded me of my time in Canterbury because there was stunning mix of old and new buildings.

On the river there where loads of people doing punting tours, tbh I was tempted but it was so busy on the water for me, it was like bumper cars on water. With no change of clothes that just was not happening. But as we walked up there where parts on the river that were quiet and there where loads of romantic spots to have picnic on the banks. Not that we had a picnic we settled for some Thai food instead.
This was  a quieter part of the river
Seriously how romantic is this, its a guaranteed winner i tells ya :)
For some reason there was random cows wondering around as well, they wasn’t even gated off it was weird.
There were also fruit trees on the sidewalks, which I think is such a nice thing I like to think it makes a city more alive, we used to have them in London and for some reason they are all gone now.

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of this building, but it was so pretty. Although you can’t really see the detail in this picture I quite like the salute, I think it emphasizes the shape more.

Time to go home. I still had energy to burn so decided to keep myself entertain with silly pictures hehe (aren’t you glad I’m not sitting behind you lol)
weird poutty-face (^_^)
ok i'm rambling now , i'll talk to guys soon bye-bye x
Just creepy lol :D


  1. So this is Cambridge! I've been living in London for 10 years and have never been to other cities. I mean I've been but no time to explore any ^^

    Such lovely pictures!!

  2. i know what you mean, but you should have look around, it can be quite nice :)