Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Starry Sky

Hi Guys,

Are you well? Did you have a good bonfire night? I hope so mine was a bit lame, I didn’t go to any displays or anything which is a real shame as I really like fireworks. Something about the colours and the loud sounds just feels like magic to me. I didn’t go because I felt silly and childish asking me friends to come with me, thinking about it now I shouldn’t felt that way and my friends probably would have come. But I remember going every year when I was younger I guess I was just feeling old. Also I got it into my head fireworks were for couples, which I guess is kind of true it is kind of romantic. Oh well... I stayed at home nursing a really frightened Kyzer  - bless him, he gets so scared. 

I used to love these as a kid :)

In other news for the first time in a while the news put a small smile on my face – yes I am a fan and I always will be!!

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