Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Face

Hey everyone,

How’s it going? So I took a little break from blogging I thought I’d take some time off work and not tell anyone so I could be alone with my thoughts, and do all the things I normally don’t have time to do.

Yeah that did not work out, I totally forgot it was half term so I had to do my Aunty duties and spend time with the nephews. I’m so tired, that’s the one good thing about being an Aunty – you can give the kids back! LOL! Nah it wasn’t that bad, I did have fun it just took a lot of energy. 
we went from this to quite mild so quickly
On top of that between the boys and unpredictable English weather I got sick! *Capital B-OOO!* I was so grumpy, I was getting on my own nerves (if that’s even possible :S). Saying that though something about the snow, just turns me into a kid again I love it , so I probably asking to get sick *serves me right* lol

Anyhoo back to what I enjoy blogging, yesterday was Pancake day *woo hoo!*. As simple as they are to make seriously I can’t do it, but sister can and she loves making them so guess I’m sorted. I’d really like to try those American style pancakes one day, they look yummy, their all thick and stuff, with the syrup ohhh *drools*.

lol this looks so bad :D
So did you guys make any pancakes? And what do you like on them?

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