Monday, 5 March 2012

Roller Sunday

Hi everyone,

How are you on this beautiful spring day?

Yesterday the weather was grim but I was feeling so perky and upbeat, so I decided to do something new, Roller Disco! I know not exactly ‘new’ but its new to me I never been before and in London most of them have closed down. But with the sudden boom in skates and that tend,  their picking up again. I have a slight confusion I’ve always envied those people who ‘street skate’ they look so cool, they make it look so easy and they effortlessly cruise from pavement to road  in a smooth graceful glade. *Gosh, I’m getting all starry eyed just thinking about it* lol.
Yes, I did drop a lot LOL :D
So anyway Roller Disco was so much fun, this particular had a section cut off for beginners called ‘Boot Camp’ which I went to straight away. I have skated before but its been ages ago (I was about 7 years old) and I borrowed them from a friend) so I thought it best now to take the chance. Naturally there were those freaky super talented kids there doing all this ‘Cris-Cross' legged business and dance moves. Yeah… I’m definitely not on that next but by the end of the day I was a confident basic skater *woo-hoo*.
Hmm.. maybe by summer i could be one of the cool skater  guys
Have you guys ever been? How good are you?

Take Care x

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