Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Washed up

Hi everyone!

I'M BACK!!! I know it’s been forever, I’m like one step away from having my face on the side of a milk bottle. Please accept my sincerest apologies guys. (For those who don’t want to hear the miserable and depressing back story skip pass the below paragraph). Yeah, I thought it was about time, what do think of the new layout, hope you like it. I had fun making it, so further additions will come soon. *Oh yeah !*(^_ -) d

Well from the last post I did in April quite a lot of sad emotional things have been happening in my life and although blogging makes me happy, I felt I just couldn’t face it. *Don’t worry I’m not trying to bring out the violin or anything lol*. I didn’t want to leave a negative impression on you guys, so taking a break, rebuilding my confidence and healing my pain seemed like the right thing to do. I hope you understand and I hope I haven’t offended or upset anyone, I really didn’t mean to.

Anyhoo enough talking about what has past, time to find my feet and get back on track.

So how’s it going? What have you guys been up too?

Can you believe this is summer? First peeing it down with rain and this week beautiful hot sunshine, *I love it* the sun just makes you want to be outside, getting involved and having fun. I really want to get things going this summer, but i'll keep you all update on what I do and what events are going on. A lot of the time the weather is used as an excuse to stay in, not see your friends or to just be unhappy *I am so guilty of this – big time*, but really the only one missing out is yourself. End of the day time has not stopped, you’ve just missed out on a whole day/week  - stupid! :P

For no reason at all a pic of Kyz :)
These days I’m inspired to get more into photography and really get the most out my pictures. I really want to learn about angles, various camera settings, lighting and editing, so come rain or shine I will improve! I might even take a course *yes another one*, I can’t help it I just have a hunger to learn. – if only Mrs. Marley could hear me now, she’d be so proud :D

Ok I’m totally waffling now, I’ll wrap this post up. But it feels so good to be writing again and thank you to everyone for your love and support.

Take Care


  1. Thank you so much Faye <3
    I'm not able to follow your blog, the blogger website has been down lately. Hopely i can follow your blog soon <3