Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic London

Hey everyone,

So these days in London there are many visitors and things going on, it’s great everyone is in a good mood and just having fun. And all is due to the Olympics!

Although the Olympics didn’t officially start until last Friday in preparation for it London has seen loads of regeneration projects and new builds. One if while being this awesome cable car which runs across the River Thames from Greenwich to the Royal Docks.
Living in London it’s easy to sometimes take things for granted and get caught up in the stresses of everyday living, but sometimes it’s good to just let go and make the most of what is available. I mean seriously look at these pictures, so calm, relaxing and kind of romantic *sigh*…. Whoa sorry I got a bit day-dreamy there LOL – I’m so sad! Haha #foreveralone #alonemuch

Oh yeah, the other day I got to play with the Olympic Touch which was fun. But I have to admit before the Olympics had started I was a bit cynical about the whole thing. But after holding the Touch and have a play around I did feel quite proud.
Sorry about the picture guys, my face was incredibly shinning and I looked a mess, trust me I'm doing you a flavor by covering this up LOL! *When did I become so vain? lol*

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  1. I've been watching the Olympics and I enjoy it a lot! :)

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