Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Flipping Fun

Hey everyone,

Its Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake day, the day we all start beating with a fork because we can't find the whisk, have flipping competitions and even the odd race in the street!

Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before Lent, traditionally a period of abstinence, associated with clearing your cupboards of goods such as sugar, fats and eggs. It's commonly known as Pancake Day because it represents a good opportunity to use such ingredients ahead of the fasting period. 

As fun and easy as pancakes are to make I don't really make them throughout the year which is silly because they are so quick, fun and can go with anything!
Behold! My very first attempt of American style pancakes, I'm quite happy at how they have turned out. I wanted to try making American style pancakes just for a change, though i did make English ones too. But I won't show you pictures of that because its a bit boring. The recipe was easy to follow too, here's the link >>> Fluffy Pancakes

Berries, honey and lemon are probably my favorite toppings what's yours?


  1. omg they look so yummy !!!!!

    1. Thanks to be honest I surprised myself with how well these came out hehe

  2. They look soo delicious :) x