Friday, 21 June 2013

Up Yours Cancer

Hey everyone,
The gloves are off baby
So following from my previous post of cleaning up my health and doing things that make me happy, I have signed up for Cancer Research UK - 'Race for Life'. I think everyone has been affected by cancer in form or another, whether you know someone who have passed away battling it, those going through it now or whatever the case maybe. Its horrible that cancer has become so common and affected so many - from Grandparents to young children. According to Cancer Research in 2010 324,579 people in the UK were diagnosed with cancer.

I get quite upset when I think about it sometimes, but I feel strengthen when I think of all the amazing people supporting, trying to comfort those going through difficult times and knowing that everyone is fighting for a cure.

For these who don't know Race for Life is a women-only fundraising event, its not an intense race, there are no winners and people of all ages can take part. I have done the race before (about two years ago) but I really want to up my game, raise as much as I can and if possible run the whole 5k race. So I've got me pack and I'm ready to go!

Plus Kyz is loving that we're running together more, look how cute and smiley he is :3
Whether your taking part or not it would be fantastic if you could donate, to do so please use the official site >>>>  

Are you guys joining the race too?


  1. Oh that's so amazing! I hope you have a great race! <3

    1. Thank you so much, I've got less then a week to go I'm really excited :)