Thursday, 30 May 2013

MCM London Comic Con

Hey everyone,

So last weekend I went to the London Comic Con, I have been wanting to go to this for ages and just never got round to it. Although it was a last minute thing I was determined to go, and I'm really glad I did - I had a great time. For those who don't know basically its a convention that brings together movies/TV, games, anime, comics and loads more. There was screenings and special guests from 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Teen Wolf'. The perfect place to embrace your inner 'geek'.
On the show floor there is a huge variety of merchandise stalls from the UK and around the world, from cute cuddy Totoro toys to those hard to find items.

Here are a few cute bits and pieces I found. The below are quite girlie things but there was more masculine things available too like Samurai/replica swords for example.  
As cute as these things are I think they went a bit crazy on the price!
These iPhone covers are so cute - I don't have an iPhone though
What I really like about being there was that there was such a huge variety of people, long gone is that annoying stereotype that people who enjoyed anime and games are 'friendless, weirdoes that barely see the light of day'. You had older people, younger people, white, black, Asian people - everyone was there and it was such a friendly atmosphere. You could literally go up to anyone and ask for a picture with them or just start a conversation.
Me and hot Dante - hehe :)
Here are a few other cosplay guys I came across. I would to give it a go myself one day, but If I did, I would want to be amazing or there is just no point. But I really admire the effort these guys put in, they look great.
Ahh Sailormoon! How I used to love Sailormoon :)
So I hope you've enjoyed this post and maybe next year I'll see you there. I'll finish this post with a nice chill out picture of the Marvel and DC crew lol. 

Thanks for reading x

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