Saturday, 2 November 2013

I'd Eat You

Hey everyone,

Someone left this random super dark apple on my desk the other day... creepy!

Looks like something out of Death Note - not eating it
Last month went by so fast, its nearly Christmas already. I don't really celebrate Halloween but I do like dressing up and being creative with paints/make up and watching horrors. I'm not really the jumpy-type who cowers beneath the bucket, I'm kind of used to (not sure if that's a good thing), so I sit back and watch the carnage commence. I've been watching been The Walking Dead recently, inspired by this I come across a cool free app which give me this effect.

The app is called Zombie Booth, you can make your face into a 3D animated zombie. I will probably uninstall it after Halloween, because what is the point but its fun none the less. I quite like that even the ugliest picture can look more interesting. I've seen some really cool zombie tutorials too given an even better effect but...'ain't nobody got time for that'.
Did you do anything this Halloween?

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