Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Put The Phone Down

Hey everyone,

Someone said to me the other day that the average person can't go over a day without interacting with a digital device. From the moment I wake... To the moment I go back to bed... and all the hours, minutes and seconds in between,  I'm always with my phone. I'm sure that's true for most people.
Admittedly I'm not that bad, and I often forget or am too busy to reply or check social media straight away.

The rise of mobile technology is increasingly turning us into an ‘always on’ and ‘always elsewhere’ culture. And this change has profound consequences for the very thing that motivated the innovation in technology in the first place: Connecting with others.

Seriously, these days the back of my friends phone faces me more then my friend who was actually talking to me. We see elements of this video everyday, quite the eye opener!

Anyhoo just thought I'd share with you, hope your having a good week.


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