Friday, 3 April 2015

Birthday Wishes

Hi everyone,

I should have post this a month ago but you know me; might take a  while but I get there.

Well there goes another year... dam it gets faster every year. As you know birthday's are a time of celebration and thankfulness (well most of the time it is).
Even though our faces are cut off I quite like this picture
Okay so I have a small confusion to make I did not have a party for my birthday... nobody loves me :-( lol only joking, thinking of one next year ;-)

 My birthday was pretty simple it terms of things to do, but it was still special for me. I spent the majority of it with my sister goofing around, eating yummy food and pampering ourselves at a beauty salon. Then meeting up with family in the evening. My sister was quite sweet, although she can a pain sometimes, she went out her way to make me smile :)
Here's a picture with our full faces. Big thanks to her for giving me should a lovey day.
We had a food a at really place called Havet, which is a smart Turkish-Cypriot venue with contemporary styling, serving hot/cold meze and chargrilled fare. For a local place I was pleasantly surprised the food was as good as it was, yet still be a reasonably price.

We went for the King Prawns with spicy rice and Monkfish shish with mixed leaf salad. King Prawns are one of my favourite things to eat, so I knew that was a safe bet. It was delicious, I easy could have eat them all day. But this was my first time trying so good. If I was going to go pescetarian this would be definitely be on my shopping list, its meaty, fulling and not too 'fishy'. Also if your easily embarrassed, do not tell them it's your birthday and you have cake, they will play Stevie Wonder, sing and light the candles for you in front of the whole restaurant. I however loved every second of it lol
My most attractive face lol :D

So I welcome my new year. A more grown up me, please please bring me happiness, joy and love, and maybe my future husband pretty please!

Hope you having a good day, take care x

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