Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Natural Hair Journey

Hi everyone,

It feels a bit late to say Happy New Year, but it would be rude if I didn't. Thank you for visiting my little blog and lets continue to get to know each in the new year :-)

So a while ago I decided to give up the perm and go natural, well... sort of. The transaction period of straight ends and thick bushy roots was incredibly frustrating. Simple styling or even basic combing was becoming difficult and painful, no matter what I did my hair would not cooperate. It was embarrassing and it really knocked my confidence, I didn't want to go outside and I felt so unattractive.
My quick style for natural hair
For over 10 years my hair was permed. I was never really one for long hair so I was sporting short styles, it was easier and manageable. However over time I was beginning to see a difference in the texture and thickness of my hair, even though I had regular treatments.
Doing a big chop was a bit too much for me but I felt more comfortable using extensions and weaves and deep trimming the ends between installments. I've had single plaits as a child but 2011 was my first sew in weave. It was fun to able to change things without causing too distress to my natural hair.

Weave Downsides:
  • Hair does not age well (this does depend on the hair you buy)
  • Crazy ass shedding - Hair all over the floor, hair all over your back... eww that's nasty!
  • Once you have regrowth hair looks high and puffy -  When the wind hits the front of your head and it lifts up it looks NUTS!

Two Strand Twist Extension Downsides:
  • Can take a long time to install and take down
  • Difficult to hide messy roots and your hair is more liking to loc if left in too long
Out of the two I'd prefer to have two strand twist extensions in, I think it looks more natural (especially with a little regrowth) then straight weave. Its more versatile in terms of styling and its easier to moisturise the length of your natural hair.

In 2014 I decided its time time for a new chapter in my hair journey. I'm locing up! For me it just make sense, I've always been a fan of natural hair, but never really had the skills to manage my hair; problems with shrinking and tangles were a constant battle. Having locs means I can do all the things I did with the twist extensions but with my own hair and half the fuss. It won't be easy though, there will be times where it will look rough, it will be short and look thin/stringing. After much research I have learned that locs is a game of patience. It is different for everyone and it certainly doesn't happen overnight. So this is me the start of my locs journey, hopefully it would be happy and rewarding.
Goodbye little afro puff 
I do another post on my loc journey so far, but for now I hope you guys have enjoyed looking back with me. What has your hair journey been like and what have you learned? Any tips for locs please do let me know!

Until next time, take care x

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