Sunday, 10 July 2011

Big Hills

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well. So what going on with me… well as mentioned in the last post I went to Glasgow over the weekend for work. It was quite cool, I went with Helen, she’s super nice so that was good. The train for Glasgow left at 06:00 which meant the taxi came to get me from home at 05:00! *Ahhh way too early* . Have you ever been so tired your eyes burn? – well that was me! But I’m one of those people who find it really hard to fall asleep on transport so I spent the majority of the journey looking out the window and occasionally reading gossip magazines.

these were my supplies to keep me alive on the train

train view, it like a breath of fresh air
The view throughout the journey was so beautiful there were loads of these massive hills/mountains, it must be amazing standing on top of them looking down and seeing for miles. When we got there the street were closed off for the Orange Walk. The crowds gathered on the pavement to see the flags and marching band. Apparently the Orange Walk is originally an Irish thing but for some reason they do it Scotland too :S Oh well it was colorful to look at.
aren't the uniforms cute :)
Glasgow itself was quite nice although it seemed a bit sleepy, like there didn’t seem to be a lot of people about. But to be fair that’s probably because I’m used to the busy streets of London.

look how empty the streets are - and this is Glasgow City Centre :S
The hotel was also quite, I stayed in place called Ibis. The staff were really friendly and helpful and it was funny because they knew straight away we we’re from out of town so they talking to us in a English accent and then they would turn around and be talking in a thick Scottish accent. They switched it on and off so easily, I wish I could do that…well I’d have to be fluent in another language first.

this was my room, it was really cute plus I had a cool view out the window
Food-wise I didn’t try anything exciting because I just didn’t have the time and I was SO sleepy, my dinner was late night pepperoni stuffed crusted pizza (from the Hotel) *Mmm so good*. Then blah, blah, blah work - won't bore you with that... and sleep! 

Overall my visit was quite nice but  if I do come back I’ll definitely have to bring some friends to make some noise cause it was a bit quiet, or who knows maybe I caught them on a ‘off day’. Time to go back to good old London.

bye-bye sleepy Glasgow
Train time!
The long journey back
Ermm… what else? Oh yeah back in London I decided to have a chill day on Monday and Tuesday so I caught up on some zzzz’s and had a nice lunch with a friend (yes, this is the friend who upset me the other day – we decided to make peace). I really must spend some time with my other friends though, I feel like I’m neglecting them especially Heather, Jes and Caroline :(

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