Thursday, 30 June 2011

Almost a Break

Hi Guys,

Glasgow yay! (^_^)
Guess who is going to Glasgow? ME!! Like this weekend though… I know super short notice but I’m really excited to go. Seriously I don’t go anywhere, I live in the UK but I rarely travel outside London and it is such a shame because there are really are some beautiful places to see *ok so not exactly the sun, sea and sand but it’s still good lol*. But WAIT before I get too excited there is a drawback…I’m working! Yes, it’s true so it’s not really the break I wanted and my lovely friends won’t be there :( but I still get to go to a new place which is cool and be in a hotel and all that jazz so I’m going to try and make the most of it. It’s a 5 hour train journey from London so I’m going be really tired , but I’ll try to take as many pictures as I can.

Do you guys have any plans this summer?

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