Thursday, 22 March 2012

Forgetful With Age, Are We?

Hey everyone,

How are you all doing?

So let me give you a quick catch up with what's going on with me. So last week was my birthday and I'm not even going to the actual day was pants. One reason for this is my birthday fall on a Wednesday so most people are at work, so for the daytime it was me and Kyzer, pampering ourselves. Which to be fair, isn't that bad, but having your friends around is better. 

Messing around with Kyz <3
I was going to meet one friend for lunch but that didn't happen and neither did the meet up for dinner kmt! Honestly its one day of the year, the day never changes. And you’re really going to come to me with excuses?
I want action! LOL *jokes*

Anyway the weekend was a bit better some family and friends came over to the house. Which was nice. I’m the person would doesn't really like a big fuss, just keeping it simple. So plenty of food, music and games until silly o'clock :)

I was also taken out for mini dinners with friends who live a bit further out, I should have taken more pictures really. Its cute little moments like that you really should record.

Gotta love plant close ups

Gift-wise I did ok, considering the I’m all grown up now I wasn’t expecting much, I won’t list them though just out of respect. I did however get a beautiful bunch of flowers. Which I know isn’t really a big deal for most people but I never get flowers so I thought these were pretty cool.

Simple but beautiful, just the way I like it
This was one of my favorite gifts from my ‘Girly’, it’s this really cute photo album and notebook. These days I’ve been speaking a lot about wanting to do more with friends and family and travel more. So I was so chuffed and touched to get this. And this has given me the boost I needed to update my camera – seriously there are phones better lol. Or I could even update my computer, actually I have a slight confusion to make, that’s why i haven’t been blogging as much because its finally deciding to die. We see what happens first ^_^
Aside from birthday stuff things have been erm… interesting but I won’t sour the mood of this post so I’ll say it in another (which well come hopefully soon). 

This post is getting kind of long so I’ll wrap it up for now, hope your well.
Bye for now x

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