Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Art with a Splat!

Hey everyone,

Hope your all well and enjoying the last remains so summer, though I know for most its back to school/work and it feels like summer is over. Just yesterday a friend of mine invited me over to a free exhibition of Mr Brainwash (Thierry Guetta), to be honest I haven’t actually heard for this guy before so I was intrigued to check it out. I’m a big fan of art and creativity (don’t worry am not super hard core and arty farty) but I like to see new things just for the inspiration. Plus its free!
The location was quite impressive and atmospheric which I really like, as it kind of gave an eerie feel to the pieces, it was at the old sorting office on New Oxford Street.

As I mentioned before I’m new to this guy and I haven’t really done my research on him, I believe his a famous graffiti artist and  it shows throughout the exhibition. I quite like graffiti and that type of expression so I did have high hopes.
I quite like this one, I think its cheeky
There seems to be a British vibe going on here; it’s kind of remained me of the opening/closing ceremony of the Olympics you know with of the Union Jack Flags, the Queen, Black Cabs and popular British icons . For tourist  I suppose it’s fun, ‘English’  and edgy, for me however it doesn’t particular excite me because it just doesn’t feel new.
Dear Queeny, looking beautiful
‘Modern art’ or whatever you call this type thing is a bit of a grey area me, yeah I guess it’s cool and colourful but traditional artist within me is just screaming ‘This is freaking lazy!’. The actual content isn’t necessary original just how it has been arranged or layered.

 I’m type of person that really appreciates things that really showcase skill, time, originality and immense attention to detail, recycling what has already been done bar a small edit (including cheesy text and random replacement items) …errr…I don’t know… I guess that then starts to question ‘what is art?’ blah, blah, blah :P

How cool is this stereo, would be great if it actaully played
MJ <3

I’m not completely hating, seriously I’m not. As I said there is an element of coolness and show-off-ness about these pieces, and I did have a lot fun wondering around and taking pictures. And if I were more of a Pop Art fan i'd probably in my element.

Favourite piece is this big ass gorilla structure made from tyres. This piece I can appreciate just because I LOVE GORILLAS!  
Now this I want! :D
I think it’s still on for a few more days, so if you in area check it out it is worth a look plus at the end they give away a FREE poster and post cards! whether your into it or not Free is Free

Here’s a link for you >>> Mr Brainwash - Exhibition



  1. lovely photos.



  2. some lovely art :) i'd love to see this if it is still on :) your pictures are lovely though :)



    1. Thanks Tabzz, the exhibition has finished now but these thing tend to pop up a lot in London. Don't worry I'll keep my beady eye out for more :)

  3. Really inspiring!
    Thanx for your nice comment!

    1. no problem and thank you very much :)

  4. What an amazing post! Love so much this art! and my fav MJ!! OH! thank so much for sharing!!!
    Big kiss! -x