Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hi everyone,
Guess what’s in the box?

*Sigh* Well that would be my computer... yeah ... sad times, sad times. It’s not broken or anything I’m just selling it, the sad thing is I have not got a replacement yet. So my online life has come to a brief halt. I know I’m sounding slightly dramatic here but seriously I have no phone until further notice (well I do, but all it can do is literately call and text). Someone ‘borrowed’ my camera which is code for ‘you ain’t getting it back fool mwhahaha’ – hmmm yeah thanks for that S*****a - Sister. And this computer thing is just icing on the cake, kmt sods law this would happen after I was on such a high of being active (including Twitter-wise) and blogging more :(
It’s not all bad though, I actually find I’m more ‘social’ now then I was before; I’m actually talking to people - like to their faces *imagine that lol!*.That’s not completely true though, everybody else’s faces are in their phones/computers, so I just feel more out of place. When did this become acceptable? Before mobile phones become a big thing you would not get people taking out their post in the middle of a conversation! Can you imagine - 'Sorry give me two secs just have to check my bills'. LOL *Not that I’m bitter of course *Grrrrr* :P

Seriously though, I think all the technology available has made us undervalue the basics. Its direct, personal and truly the best and most honest way to display your personality, whether it be with friends and networking at work. Don't get me wrong, the second up and running again I'll be back to my digital self but I will definitely be utilizing my rediscovered knowledge more.
 Hopefully this set back should last too long but I’ll try to update when I can. Hope all is well.
Bye x

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