Monday, 21 January 2013

What I Learnt

Hey everyone,

I know I’m a bit late but as it’s a new year I feel I should talk about New Year’s resolutions and also reflect on what I learnt in the previous year. I feel it is important to reflect and learn or how can you really expect to make any progression.

So last year (click here for last year's post) I kept my resolutions quite simple, in fact I wouldn't even say they were resolutions but more goals. One of which was to Pray. Throughout 2012 this was key; without God I would be truly nowhere and I am so thankful and blessed. Last year was a difficult year for me, sometimes it felt like ‘what is the point?’ or ‘there is no hope’ but my faith kept me going. I still have a lot to learn and I’m not always going to get it right but I believe there is treasure in every trial. Through every dilemma, there is a lesson and a chance to become stronger.

I wanted to share this video with guys because it touched me and I don’t know what your circumstance might be but maybe it can help you too.

Praying is again a resolution for this year (and most likely every year) because I want to get into the habit of praying more throughout the day and when making decisions whether it be big or small.

Patience was on my list last year and was a big one for me and sadly it is still one that I need to work on. I have to accept that I can’t do everything myself, things take time and I have to trust others.

Although the above are ultimate goals for the year and for my personal growth, I also have a few achievements that I’d like to tick off along the way which are;
  • Spend more time with Friends and Family
  • Learn – always strive to learn more, only you can make this happen
  • Work progression – if you learnt the skills move on up

I feel quite positive about this year and so far I have quite a lot going on, so its just a case of getting organised. As usual I will keep you guys up to date where I can, but for the times I can't do check out my Twitter (follow button to the side *hint, hint*) oh and my new instagram. 

So what did you learn from last year and what are your goals for this year? 

Take Care x

*Quick update: From the last post I now have a phone which can use apps, I am no longer trapped in the world of the 3210 phone LOL

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