Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bring Back the Mixtape

Hey everyone,

The other day I was happily minded my own business on the 'good old' London transport and I got to thinking why don't we share anymore. I remember back in the days copying songs off the radio by pressing REC and PLAY together and doing the half pressed button thingy so the singer sounded like a Chipmunk. I also remember on those sunny days that stripe of brown tape would be blowing in the breeze and getting tingled in the trees or the quick repairs with clear sticky tape when the cassette tape broke lol. Ahh! Good times.
Remember these?
As cool as that was, I'm quite glad things have moved on, having some annoying DJ chatting over my tune gets on my nerves. However with everyone having their own MP3 player or Phone to play they music on sharing playlists and keeping that one sentimental physical thing 'from that special someone' or buddy doesn't really happen.
*Image from Sharetapes.com
But look! With this beauty you can upload Spotify or YouTube  playlists on to blank 'Sharetapes', then hand them out to your mates, who scan the tape with a phone to listen. I like that its something you can keep, write a little title on it and make it personal to whoever or yourself. I'm loving the retro design and at the super cool price of £5 for five - this is so cool I had to write about. You can buy them here >>>http://www.sharetapes.com/

Please Note: I'm not getting paid for talking about this I'm purely doing because I think it cool.

What are your memories with the classic cassette? 


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    1. Thank you very much, I'll be sure to check your out too :)