Friday, 24 May 2013

You Do What You Are

Hi everyone, 

I know it’s a funny title but there is reason. Basically there other day I was lazing around watching the film ‘Along Came a Spider’ on the television. And Morgan Freeman’s character comes on and says ‘you are what you do’. This got me thinking... that is kind of true. If you are lazy and disorganized; you choose to do that and that in turn is what you are. If you are hard working, honest and reliable although you may not be able to show this in title no one can take that away from you, because that is what you are.
Yeah, it was a scarf turban day - its a good way to hide messy hair
So we're in the spring months now and occasionally we get that glimpse of sunshine, which is brilliant as its been a long winter. So to prepare for the summer and to refresh, I've decided its time to clean up. But I'm talking your bedroom/home (although mine could really do with a tidy up), I'm talking about life.
A few pictures from the park and the first flower in  my garden :)

1. Body: I'm not particularly unhealthy or overweight but I could certainly tone and sort out my diet.

2. Mind: This past few months has been intensely stressful for me a lot has been going on in a short space of time. I learned to accept things that I have no control over and think its time focus on what right for me and the things that make me happy.

3. Friends and Family: I take full responsibility for the piss poor effort I have put in. These guys are so amazing and even though I don't see them often they still understand and love me.

To make sure I stay on track I am going to post a check in exactly one month from now. As usual tips, tracks and cool bits will be shared.
Body is up first, so pouch be gone!


  1. That is one awesome hair wrap. Love it.