Wednesday, 10 December 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts

Hey everyone,

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought I'd share a few cheap gift ideas with you, which are perfect if you want to add a personal touch.

DIY T-shirt Scarf:
The first  idea is one I found over the summer but now that its winter, I think it still make a lovely gift. I really like this idea because you really get creative with the colours and styles you use, with t-shirts you already own!
Picture Credit: Ninth and Bird
For more pictures and details of how to make check out Ninth & Bird 

DIY Inspiration Jar:
The next idea is another DIY, this one is super cheap and simple to make. I think this idea is really special because we could all do with some words sometimes to lift our spirits and to put things into prospective.

The idea is you roll up your favourite quotes onto a piece of paper and each day or whenever needed you can take one out and its like a little pieces of inspiration. Top it off with ribbon or label to make it look pretty and your done.
Picture Credit: Google
Painted Mug:
Last idea is another DIY! Well if you want save cash this is how it has to be! I really like one because you don't need a lot, so doesn't cost a lot. 

Just a plain mug (about a £1 or less), Oil based paint pens, Scrap book stickers (if that is the design your going for) and an Oven. Pinterest has plenty of design ideas if you wanted to get a but more jazzy.
Picture Credit:

Depending on what you have lying around at home all these ideas should be less £5, which is pretty cool considering how customised and unique they can be.

I hope these cheap Christmas gift ideas have helped.

Take Care x

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