Friday, 15 April 2011


Isn’t it funny how when you want something so bad you hold on so tight, it pushes them away from you. Well…not funny exactly. I imagine its quite sad for the person who its happening too and unfortunate for the person that got away. But how can you stay when you it feels like you can’t breathe, like your restricted – not yourself. What was once cute and protective has become possessive and uncomfortable. I don’t know maybe it’s me, too independent for my own good hehe (don’t worry I’m not going to burst into Ne-Yo ‘Miss Independent’ lol)

hehe...I look so moody and tired, so glad its Friday
Hmm.. what else? Since my last post work has been so busy, coming home late and leaving early is not the shout *no,no,no!*. which has meant I haven’t really done much else. After work I hung with my sister and mum for a bit, which was cool. Argh! And my sister has got the top I wanted from Primark kmt so annoying, Primark never has the things I want (in my size) when I want it.

I was thinking to perm my hair this weekend and maybe get a trim (its been ages), as much as I deny it my hair really needs doing. If I do put some pictures up :)

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