Monday, 18 April 2011

Dead Straight

Hey everyone,

So the weekends over now and I didn't really get to do all the things that I wanted  but it was still a decent weekend none the less. The weather was quite sunny again not hot, but bright. I did end up getting my hair done in the end, the process was fine, my hair took to it well and here were no scars. My only qualm about doing my hair at the hairdressers is that they use those flat iron thingys. the plus side is that make your silky and dead straight, but for me that is a negative because it makes my hair feel and look flat. I quite like it when the hair looks thicker with a slight kink, I know what you thinking, why perm your hair in the first place? I did originally because my natural hair (at the time) was too much for me to handle, definitely not the case anymore (my hair has got a lot thinner), but it was just to daily grooming easier. But I prefer a more kinky more natural looking hair, because I’m black there is no point in me sporting dead straight Indian looking hair if I’m not Indian. It’s ok for now though once I wash it, it will fuzz up a little so it would look more natural. Don't get me wrong there are some days were I want that dead straight looking hair, which will blow in the breeze and what not, but it takes too much effort and I’m too lazy lol.

And just in case you’re interested here is the outfit I was wearing that day.
top - Topshop
vest - Primark (under top)
belt - Primark
jeggings - New Look

Please ignore the mess in the background hehe :)
Hope you guys are having a good week :)

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