Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hey everyone.

I know it’s a bit late but Happy Easter, I hope you guys had fun.

My Easter was pretty cool, plus the weather really perked up especially on Good Friday. I spent the majority of the Easter holiday visiting family members and buying the usual bits and pieces. My nephew stayed with us for a few days, so it was really nice spending time with him. His really funny, his going through this weird phase of mimicking things that he hears. So his heard this advert on Vibes.FM for a comedy drama production. So now whenever anyone tells him something he shouts out ‘Nuh Stress Mi Out!’ – (with the accent and everything) it’s so funny LOL

Although it was great spending time my grandmas and the rest of the family, I feel really bad I didn’t go church at all this weekend. I totally forget about Easter eggs and stuff, but look today at work this was left on my desk.
Behold, my one and only easter egg (^-^)
Well I’m back at work now *boooo* but its ok because it’s the Royal Wedding tomorrow there is yet another Bank Holiday *yay* plus the May Day Bank Holiday. Which equals another long weekend of goodness! *Oooh yeah!*