Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hey everyone,

Hope your all doing well. Things for me have gotten really busy again, I haven't had much time so a social life and fun, but I’m not complaining. Last weekend I did to have a little bit fun time at the London International Technology Show (LITS) showcasing the latest in 3D technology, computing, tablets, mobile and stuff. There were demonstrations and guests speakers all the things to full your geeky needs and Apple hall of fame timeline.

The 3D games and movies were really cool, but my eyes did start going trippy after a while.

Yeah I know I look a bit of a mess here hehehe
free tech mags woo hoo!
This was the first year so it wasn’t that good but I’m sure that well improve in time, it would been nice if they showcased cameras and stuff, instead of boosting the things we’ve heard of but can’t afford. Oh well it kept me entertain of a while.

laters! :)

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