Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Need Money?

Hey Everyone!

Ahh autumn, the leaves are falling and the winds are blowing! You got to love this time of year its cold enough to wear and hat and scarf but warm enough not to draw for the big winter coat. Oh yeah, I’m a layers fan!

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about, I’m not sure about the rest of you guys but here in the UK things are getting tight, money just isn’t scratching as far as it did before. Plus we’re not far from Christmas :(

So what can I do to get more money? (to be honest I’ve been asking this question since I was a kid) I’m no expert or anything but here are a few ideas.

Selling on Ebay - According to Ebay we are all sitting on £450 worth of unwanted but highly sellable items. *Time to raid the cupboards me thinks*

Piggy bank – yep back to basics! You know when your purse is getting a big bulky from pennies or maybe not buy that coffee on the way to work. Pop your change in your piggy bank, it soon adds up (I’ve been doing this for years!)

Opinions – There are loads of sites that will pay you for doing short surveys – *hey, you’re on the internet anyway might as well* Here is a few I like Toluna , YouGov , Valued Opinions

Car boot sale -  I know what your thinking and no I haven’t lost my mind, their actually quite trendy these day as are charity shops. It’s a great place to find bargains, and there’s always one nearby. However check the weather before hand, have plenty of change and don’t forget to smile!

Banking  - Make sure the money you do have is in the right place, think about ISA’s and various saving accounts *I sound like a grandma! Lol but it’s all good advice*

I hope you guys found that useful, these are the main ideas I could think of but if I discover anything else as always I’ll share :)

Bye x

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