Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Supermarket Goodies

Hey guys,

We here in the UK are so lucky right now, the weather is gorgeous!
Beautiful blue sky :)
Seriously I can’t believe this is October, I mean c’mon our summer wasn’t even that good.

I thought I’d show you guys a few things that I’ve pick up recently that I’m loving. Check these little beauties out!

I really needed a jumper, cause around this time it starts to get cold so I wanted something that wasn’t too thick to like a light day jumper. And this one from Tesco’s works a treat the color and pattern are so cute for that preppy-look and the quality is really good and soft. And to top it off the sleeves are lovely and long, which is something thing that I normally straggle with. Buy Jumper from Tesco

I also picked up these gorgeous loafers, aren’t they cute. I wanted a pair of day-shoes because living in converses all the time just doesn’t work. Anyways back to the loafers really comfortable and as if by magic when they are on they make my feet appear small and cute. This was my first time buying clothing from Tesco and I am impressed (every little helps indeed!) :)

Continuing on through my supermarket sweep ASDA do a decent pair of plain black leggings, this is actually my third time buying these. Quality-wise really good, they hold their color well, they don’t bobble and they don’t gather at the knees. And most importantly they are NOT see through! (this is a big problem with leggings these days).

As you can probably tell I’m a make-up novice but I am really liking this All Over Face Brush from Avon. Very good quality and well made. It doesn't drop any bristles and is soft and silky so feels lovely on your face when applying powder. I think It is a bargain even at full price but if it's on an offer you should go for it! I would defiantly recommend it. Buy All Over Face Brush from Avon

I haven’t really been buying much recently, these days things are getting quite expensive but if I do see a bargains I’ll defiantly share with guys (^_^)

Bye x

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