Friday, 13 May 2011

Threading Nice, Bumps Bad

Hi All,

Hmm… today…yes…today, today. I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ today, don’t worry nothing is wrong it’s just…last weekend the sun was shining, the birds were singing an all was cool. I decided to do some shopping to look for something to wear for a upcoming fancy dress party. Then I came across a little booth where these ladies were doing treading and I thought ’Go on treat yourself Faye, you are starting to look like Wolverine these days, so you deserve this’. So I did, it wasn’t too bad, it was quick and it looked great, for the whole weekend I felt good. Then on the third day my eyebrows started tingling then burning and the next morning woke up with nasty white bumps all around my eyebrows *ewww*. I’ve been trying to use my fringe/bangs to cover it up, but I’m sure I’m making it worst. Which is making me stress, which is making breakout more *ahhhh*. It’s so annoying this happened the first time I tried treading, but I just put it down to the cleanser I was using. But maybe it just not for me, such a shame because it looking so good at first and after the swelling goes down. Ah who I’m I kidding I’m probably still do it again though, just make sure I bury myself under the sheet whist I go through the ‘ugly’ spell.
After some research I discovered that this is actually a common problem, which sometimes can to solved by moisturising your eyebrows. Yeah, I thought it was strange at first too -  The skin under and around your eyebrows and can come up in those horrible bumps when dry and irritated. Also when you do get your eyebrows done cleanse, cleanse, cleanse especially if you have oily skin and try to avoid touching the area with unclean hands. Another reason you could possible get the bumps is a reaction to the healing gel the beautician puts on when they finished.

UPDATE: keeping the area clean and moisturised has worked wonders I rarely get bumps now and the whole skin around it looks much healthier, so I don't feel the need to cover up anymore.

Sorry guys that was quite a long post about my threading hang ups, how boring this must be? So I’ll stop right here.

Hope all is well everyone. Do you guys suffer from bumps too?

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