Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ghost Walk Pub Grub

Hey Guys,

This is kind of a follow up from the last post as that was more a rant then what is going on with me. So after work we 'team outing', which is basically a social night for our department paid for by the company. So you'd think 'ah yeah that really cool, maybe we could do bowling or mini golf...' you know something fun. Nope for some reason someone suggested a Ghost Walk around St Paul's and we did that instead *kmt* and to make it worst it was in the daytime. As you have guess I wasn't really into it but after a while it wasn't bad. The guild started walking us around the cathedrals, churches and old graveyards, telling about the history and rumours of ghostly activities that people believe. It was really nice to see these hidden treasures, because whenever I've been to St Paul's I only really stick to the main area. But you down the back streets there are still old buildings there that survived the Great Fire of London 1666. After the walk we had dinner at a 'hunted' pub *mwhahaha* Williamsons Tavern Pub, which its ok, but by the time we got there the kitchen was closing so options on the menu were limited. But here it is my Ghost Pub Grab of Salmon en Croute.
And case your wondering, yes it was dry

Hope your having a nice weekend.

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