Monday, 23 May 2011

Plan: Park

Hey everyone,

Hows it going? Hehe
Hmmm… so what been going on with me lately… well here in the UK our good fortune has continued with the weather (give or take a rainy spell or two and crazy wind), so lots of smiles from me.

I also tried something new, I decided to organize a Family Sports/Picnic Day in honor of Grandma. I’ve never really organized that many people together before, so worked really hard to make sure everything went smoothly, and to my surprise everybody turned up with loads of food, music and sport equipment – much more then we needed. It was so nice to spend ‘fun time’ with uncles/aunties/cousins/friends, just everyone! My family are super competitive so everyone really got into it, even the little kiddies and random people we didn’t even know. Grandma joined in for Rounder’s *she is so cute when she’s running* and when her team was losing she moaned that we we’re cheats lol – like I said very competitive family :D It was such a success I’ve been asked to organize monthly family park activities over the summer.

Giant game of Rounders :)

The Park we went to was beautiful, lots to do and plenty of wildlife (ducks, swans and pony rides etc) haven’t been there since I was a kid ahhh the memories :)

Look how close I got to this squirrel

I couldn't quite get the little baby duck in the picture, it kept moving

This was taken just by the pond/lake area so beautiful, relaxing and kind of romantic too *sigh* I can just picture it now, looking into each others eyes, leaning in for that magical kiss...oh well a girl can dream (T_T)

Definitely have to remember this spot ;)

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post, We actually went to park about two weekends ago, I just didn't get round to posting this up.

Hope your having a good day.

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