Saturday, 28 May 2011

Faye of the Caribbean

Hey everyone,

So I think I mentioned in the last post that the month of May for me has quite a few birthdays, one of them happen to be a fancy dress party. I was so excited because I’ve always imagined how fantastic it would be, especially if everyone made an effort. With that in mind whenever I had a spare moment (which wasn’t that often) I searched the internet, for something nice but not too costly.

So here I am ‘Faye Sparrow’ lol, the only thing I actually brought from the costume shop for this piece was the hat (which come with the hair btw). The skirt was from a charity shop which I cut up and customized myself. And the cardigan thingy was something I brought for my own personal spring/summer wardrobe. I decided to wear military boots because wearing shag boots all night, then complaining my feet hurt - I don't think so!
Me trying to be cool, not quite pulling off though lol

The actually night was really cool everybody really did make the effort and there was even a photographer kicking around so we could have mini photo shoots.

Doing the High School Musical jump (^_^)d

Oh they was one more that i purchased in the costume shop that I didn't wear on the night but i had to have it, because it made me smile. I love scaring my little cousins and nephews with this mwhahaha!

hahaha always puts a smile on my face

Hope youl all have a great bank holiday weekend :)

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