Thursday, 26 May 2011

Little Black Cloud

Morning everyone,

You ever had one of those day were it feels like a black cloud is following you? I have, in fact have been having them a lot recently. yesterday just happened to be one of them. But I did to keep my composure (most of the time) and get on with what needed to be done. So every time something happen I’d write a word or short sentence as a draft text message. Although I’m not explaining a lot I think you can get a good idea of how my day went.

"Early start. Annoying hair. Dentist! Running late. Wrong weather predictions. Sweaty. Family issues. Stressful work. Period! No time for lunch. Friend got attacked. Forgot to send rejection email. Spilled yogurt down yourself. Left alone. Working late. Walking home. Favorite headphones broken. Late night phone calls. Feeling guilty. Can’t sleep."

So yeah…that was my day!

I hope you all had and are having a good day though. Reading it back its quite funny, but I know yesterday I was SO not laughing.

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