Monday, 27 June 2011

Green Space

Hi Guys,

Woooh! It is blazing outside and I am loving it, not that I need a tan or anything lol :D Going to work on Saturday was a bit pants I had so much to do and this was so nice outside, I must have looked like a little puppy at a pet shop longing for someone to pick me up :( the good thing about the summer is that it doesn’t dark until 21:30-22:00 is I took Kyzer to the park, its was really cool no one was there.

Believe it or not but this is how light it was at 21:43

Sunday was another hot sunny day, I decided to have a rescheduled Father’s Day with my Dad. We went bike riding in the park – just like we used to when I was little. This time the park was super busy the grass was covered with bodies cooking in the sun. After we had a lovely dinner with Grandma, however somehow the conversation turned to me not having a boyfriend! *what the …! ( ゚ Д゚)*. Much to my distress it wasn’t short conversation either…how embarrassing. Later that night I was talking to one of good male friend who suddenly told me of his true feeling for me! AIYA! What is going on? Hmm… not sure how I’m going to handle this or what I’m going to do… definitely more thinking required.

My Dad cooling off
lol it looks like i only have one leg
Note to self: Riding and taking picture is fun (^_^)
Hope you guys are having a good day, until next time take care x

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