Monday, 13 June 2011

M&M's World

Hey guys,

Yes another blog, but this one is real quick. Just finished my lunch break and while I was out on my wonders I spotted the new M&M's World Store in Leicester Square.

 Today is the opening day so loads and people and hyperactive staff flying around. I know its their jobs to look/be friendly and fun but omg it is so annoying when they’re in your face, I felt like I was in the bloody Apple Store. *you have to fight them off with a stick in that place’. Anyhoo the actual place was really colorful and fun, with loads of photo opportunities like the M&M’s version of the ‘Beatles’ walk, London bus etc. However in terms of content it really is shit, it has  things that may seem cool at the time, by the time you get home – what do you do with it? They did have this bit downstairs were there were load of different colored M&M's
Look at all the different colors - ok that is pretty cool


So this is just a quick review guys, talk to you soon x

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